Online Advertising

Online advertising, sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing, is one of the quickest ways to direct traffic and sales to your website. Our PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists are trained in helping you identify and implement your paid search marketing goals within:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Benefits of Pay-per-click Advertising

  • Only pay per click! No clicks, no charge!
  • Achieve instant traffic instead of waiting months
  • Attract targeted visitors based on search query & keyword intent
  • Tie clicks to actions: form submissions, important pages, white paper downloads
  • Gives ability to test & constantly improve by A/B split testing ads
  • Highly trackable patterns showing you what keywords/ads/campaigns work

Our PPC services include:
  • Keyword generation
  • Keyword bid management
  • Writing & tweaking ad creative
  • Testing ad copy
  • Keyword to landing page match
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion tracking and set-up

Some Of Our Clients